• That smell you're experiencing is 2016

    Well, here we are again, climbing out of the smoking ruins of a particularly bad year, and watching what had been birthed into being lumbering off making the sound of cats in boiling water. But in the midst of uncertainty all we can do is K.B.O. according to Winston Churchill. So a few coats of paint, modifying my gallery page, and voila! You can barely see the bloodstains, and take this for the swelling. Here's hoping this art beast keeps rolling, mold making is now a thing, though still a learning process, but we'll see if 2017 can be the year for me bro and I to make Brothers Grin (Crafted Amusements for all Fancies!) a reality. and have mind vomit flying off in all directions!

    And remember, the shortest distance between two points is a wormhole, and a doughnut with no hole is a danish.

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